New school year lots of activities

This week marked some very big milestones for Hayley: She started kindergarden, survived her adventure of getting on the wrong bus, and lost her first tooth.

We met with her teacher yesterday and volunteered for a ton of new projects for her classroom. Andy and I are going to help with many things – helping with computers, being in the clinic to put band-aids on booboos, joined the PTA… I am going to be a room mom as well. Wow! Tonight there is a roller-skating party that we all are going to to raise money for the school. On monday Hayley will start the chess club, and go to her first daisy scout meeting. Tuesday’s will be jazz and tap. Riley will be going to ballet and swimming this fall.

I am running four to five times a week. Andy is busy doing things for the school the house and of course working hard at Fed Ex. We will have many fun times with the girls and all of the busy activities the school has in store. I am positive that this is the reason I became a mother. I can’t tell you how much joy these girls have brought into my life. I know that they will grow up to be strong, smart and successful. I am just so glad that Andy and I can be a part, and take a little credit for how special they both are.

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