A weekend of work bears fruit…

Well, the wife finally got me going this weekend, and I got our kitchen lights done.

Here’s the before:

Kitchen Lights Before

Here’s the after:

Kitchen Lights After
I’m happy with how they came out.

2 thoughts on “A weekend of work bears fruit…”

  1. Excellent work on your kitchen light project. I have a similiar flourecent configuration as you do. I would like to upgrade. What kind of lights did you use and how did you accomplish the wiring? Did you have to wire in new breakers?

  2. Thanks, David. I used some shallow canister lights (they are 3″ wide and 5″ deep). I spent a day crawling around in the attic, and hooked it into the existing two circuits from the lights that I replaced. The pendants are all on the same circuit, and the cans are all on the same circuit. I didn’t have to add a breaker, but it did take the circuit with the cans to capacity. If we went to dimmable fluorescents (hard to find in the PAR-20 size) then there would be no issue whatsoever.

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