Groklaw – Laura and Me – Updated

So, once again, I haven’t posted much lately. I’m becoming more and more of a Linux fan than ever, especially since Microsoft has done wonders for the industry and released a real cement block of an OS, called Vista. The only thing that I can see from there is mounting software costs and digital rights management cow-towing to industry groups like RIAA and MPAA.

At any rate, one of the things that held Linux back for a while is a little court case or two, levied upon Linux by SCO – formerly a Linux contributor. Without going into the whole thing, there’s a website called Groklaw that has taken on the task of watching the SCO cases and denouncing factually the claims that SCO has made.

Unfortunately, the woman that runs the site, PJ, a paralegal, has taken serious heat, especially recently, from wonderful places on the net like the Yahoo Finance SCOX message boards, Microsoft puppet organizations like The Yankee Group, and other nether regions of the industry. I’m cross-linking to a great article about it on her website, Groklaw. I highly encourage you to read it: Groklaw – Laura and Me – Updated.

To BIFF and Laura DiDio: You need to follow the obviously superior intellects of the rats, and get off your sinking ship.

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