SHS Yearbooks Page Created

Yeah. So, I went to Springfield High for a year, 1986-87. Somewhere between then and now, all of my yearbooks have disappeared, so I was excited when someone posted in the SHS group on Facebook that Willard Library in BC had them up and on line. Only you had to have a library card from Willard. Uhhhh… That ain’t helpful for those of us that live out of town/state/country. I worked with a classmate of mine to get access to the books, and then mirrored them over onto my server. You can see them here.

So, now… A bunch of you are coming here on my page and poking around, so I figured I should post something… Somewhat recent. I rarely use this – I stick mostly to twitter and Facebook, so don’t expect much. I really use this as a testing ground for WordPress – my CMS of choice when building websites for friends and paying customers (few and far between).

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your stay!

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