SHS Yearbooks Page Created

Yeah. So, I went to Springfield High for a year, 1986-87. Somewhere between then and now, all of my yearbooks have disappeared, so I was excited when someone posted in the SHS group on Facebook that Willard Library in BC had them up and on line. Only you had to have a library card from Willard. Uhhhh… That ain’t helpful for those of us that live out of town/state/country. I worked with a classmate of mine to get access to the books, and then mirrored them over onto my server. You can see them here.

So, now… A bunch of you are coming here on my page and poking around, so I figured I should post something… Somewhat recent. I rarely use this – I stick mostly to twitter and Facebook, so don’t expect much. I really use this as a testing ground for WordPress – my CMS of choice when building websites for friends and paying customers (few and far between).

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your stay!

New year

The holidays are over and now we are starting to get back to a normal schedule. Hayley recieved two awards at school. A citizen award and perfect attendance. We are very proud. Her grades are great two A’s and four B’s. Yea Hayley! Riley is doing great. She is doing very well mastering all of the skills they are going over in class.
Andy and I are going to a wedding in Chicago next month. The girls are coming too. They are spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. We girls are going to go to the American girl restaurant and have brunch. They are very excited.
Andy is going on his anual fishing trip over the girls spring break. I am finally going home for a visit. This will be the first visit in over a year.
I am trying to be better about posting what is going on in our lives. We hope everyone is well.

Groklaw – Laura and Me – Updated

So, once again, I haven’t posted much lately. I’m becoming more and more of a Linux fan than ever, especially since Microsoft has done wonders for the industry and released a real cement block of an OS, called Vista. The only thing that I can see from there is mounting software costs and digital rights management cow-towing to industry groups like RIAA and MPAA.

At any rate, one of the things that held Linux back for a while is a little court case or two, levied upon Linux by SCO – formerly a Linux contributor. Without going into the whole thing, there’s a website called Groklaw that has taken on the task of watching the SCO cases and denouncing factually the claims that SCO has made.

Unfortunately, the woman that runs the site, PJ, a paralegal, has taken serious heat, especially recently, from wonderful places on the net like the Yahoo Finance SCOX message boards, Microsoft puppet organizations like The Yankee Group, and other nether regions of the industry. I’m cross-linking to a great article about it on her website, Groklaw. I highly encourage you to read it: Groklaw – Laura and Me – Updated.

To BIFF and Laura DiDio: You need to follow the obviously superior intellects of the rats, and get off your sinking ship.

Slacking on posting…

Well… We’ve been slacking on posting.

We’ll try to do better.

First, Riley’s school pictures:

Let’s catch up a bit… Summer’s coming quickly, and on the agenda we have:

  • Zak comes for the entirety of the summer save one week (while I am on a business trip)
  • Hayley goes to Maine for a month, with a few days layover on both ends in Michigan
  • Megan comes for a short visit
  • I go to San Francisco for a business trip
  • That’s about it. We’ll see how it all goes.

    UofM in! Out! In! Out, Florida in!

    Geniuses. Who thought of this stupid BCS thing anyway. What crap.

    UCLA bests USC, Michigan’s #2. #4 Florida beats a wussy team like the Razorbacks and they move up in the polls?? Why? All of them will get bested by Ohio, except for possibly Michigan. Sure, people say Michigan had their shot, but it doesn’t matter, they are the only ones out there with a chance of railing OSU.

    Go to a damn playoff like they have in the NCAA basketball, and don’t tell me it’s about the money… Hell, the Big Dance generartes so much income for schools and TV alike that it makes me ill.

    The Net Neutrality conflict rages on…

    What is up with the geniuses in Congress?

    Here’s the deal, in a nutshell:
    Today, there is no packet on the Internet that has priority over another, for the most part anyway.  Sure, there is some packet-shaping that occurs, but that’s primarily limited to making sure that a few big peer-to-peer users don’t consume an ISPs entire bandwidth.  The important thing is that first sentence though – nothing is prioritized.  I buy my access to the Internet.  Companies like Google and eBay buy their access to the Internet.  I pay for my bandwidth from my ISP, they pay for theirs.

    The ISPs (especially the guys that service your house) don’t like this.  Why?  The reason that they give is that they don’t have any incentive to build out their networks for high capacities.  Their own content has to compete with other traffic going to your house that has the same priority.  Their way to fix this is to do away with network neutrality.  This way, they can charge other companies for the bandwidth that you use accessing that company’s site.  This may be easier to explain in an example.

    Today, if I access a video at Google Video, Google pays for the bandwidth that I use from their provider, and I pay for the bandwidth that I use from my provider.  There is no additional monies that needs to change hands.

    But that money isn’t good enough.  The ISPs need more money than god to expand their “services”.  More on that in a minute.  What the ISPs want is is this:

    If I access that same vdeo over at Google Video, Google pays for the bandwidth used from their provider, and I pay for mine.  It’s the same so far, right?  The kicker is this – the ISPs that the traffic passed through want Google to pay up as well.  That traffic may cross several providers, such as AT&T (aka MCI, aka Worldcom, aka SBC), Verizon, Bellsouth, etc.  All of these guys?  They want a cut of the action.

    One of the biggest reasons I see these companies wanting to put a bullet in network neutrality’s head is so they can offer new services – Video on Demand, VoIP, etc.  But how can they make sure that they can offer better services than their competitors?  By making sure that their traffic gets priority over everyone else’s.  In this regard, I can see why they want it, but the fact of the matter is that all it really does is line the pockets of the corporations and their shareholders.

    Another note on this…  Know who one of the biggest pushers of ridding us of this evil thing called network neutrality is?  Cisco.  You know why?  Because the ability to do this packet shaping and service quality stuff requires new hardware.  And that means huge dollars for them.

    Nate Anderson over at ArsTechnica has a great writeup that you can read.  Today, your Senators are contemplating what to do…  Why don’t you give them a shout?