Slacking on posting…

Well… We’ve been slacking on posting.

We’ll try to do better.

First, Riley’s school pictures:

Let’s catch up a bit… Summer’s coming quickly, and on the agenda we have:

  • Zak comes for the entirety of the summer save one week (while I am on a business trip)
  • Hayley goes to Maine for a month, with a few days layover on both ends in Michigan
  • Megan comes for a short visit
  • I go to San Francisco for a business trip
  • That’s about it. We’ll see how it all goes.

    Time for an update…

    IMG_0365So, here we are on the first day of December. You step outside, and you know it too. Yesterday? 71 degrees. This morning at 7AM? 31 degrees, with a windchill of 11! Ugh. It only takes a day or two of this to remember Michigan. According to Myrna, their getting hammered up there too.

    Here’s a new pic that we took last weekend when we to Cameron Brown park. It was a beautiful day. There’s a whole slew of new pics up over at our Flickr page. By all means head over there. Brooke’s birthday was a smashing success, so smashing that I forgot to take pictures. Maybe I was too smashed. I dunno. Either way, thanks to everyone for coming, including the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department (the panic button on the alarm got pressed somehow, and we couldn’t get it to turn off in time. Sadly it took them about 30 minutes to show (at which point the alarm had been off for 18 minutes). I’m glad it wasn’t a real problem. [ Note to self, don’t count on the alarm to save you.]

    Christmas is right around the corner, we’ll be in Michigan before you know it.