SHS Yearbooks Page Created

Yeah. So, I went to Springfield High for a year, 1986-87. Somewhere between then and now, all of my yearbooks have disappeared, so I was excited when someone posted in the SHS group on Facebook that Willard Library in BC had them up and on line. Only you had to have a library card from Willard. Uhhhh… That ain’t helpful for those of us that live out of town/state/country. I worked with a classmate of mine to get access to the books, and then mirrored them over onto my server. You can see them here.

So, now… A bunch of you are coming here on my page and poking around, so I figured I should post something… Somewhat recent. I rarely use this – I stick mostly to twitter and Facebook, so don’t expect much. I really use this as a testing ground for WordPress – my CMS of choice when building websites for friends and paying customers (few and far between).

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your stay!

Let’s kick this pig…

Well, I’ve avoided the blogging thing long enough… So I’ve gone ahead and created this page so that I (and other family members, should they so choose) can keep others up to date as to what’s happening in the world of my family. There may be other things that sneak in here and there, like new gadgets, handy applications (especially free ones!), that sort of thing.

That being said…

Welcome to!